Accepted Papers & Posters

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Accepted Papers

Sporshohin: A Tale of Devising Visible Light Based Low-Cost Robust Touchless Input Device
Tusher Chakraborty, Md. Nasim, Sakib Md. Bin Malek, Md Taksir Hasan Majumder Sami, Mohammed Samiul Saeef, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
EyePen: Ease of Reading for Less Privileged Visually-Impaired People
Tusher Chakraborty, Taslim Arefin Khan, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
A Case Study for Sensitising Egyptian Engineering Students to User-Experience in Technology Design
Shaimaa Lazem
Preventive Detection of Mosquito Populations using Embedded Machine Learning on Low Power IoT Platforms
Prashant Ravi, Uma Syam, Nachiket Kapre
Bringing the Cloud to Rural and Remote Areas via Cloudlets
Sven Helmer, Claus Pahl, Julian Sanin, Lorenzo Miori, Stefan Brocanelli, Filippo Cardano, Daniele Gadler, Daniel Morandini, Alessandro Piccoli, Saifur Salam, Alam Mahabub Shahrear, Angelo Ventura, Pekka Abrahamsson, Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan
Let's Talk Money: Evaluating the Security Challenges of Mobile Money in the Developing World
Sam Castle, Fahad Pervaiz, Galen Weld, Franziska Roesner, Richard Anderson
A Family Health App: Engaging Children to Manage Wellness of Adults
Ntwa A. Katule, Melissa Densmore, Ulrike Rivett
Equitable development through deep learning: The case of sub-national population density estimation
Patrick Doupe, Emilie Bruzelius, Samuel G. Ruchman, James H. Faghmous
Apps and Skits: Enabling New Forms of Village-To-Clinic Feedback for Rural Health Education
Maletsabisa Molapo, Melissa Densmore, Limpho Morie
Design and Implementation of an Open Source ‘Thin SIM’ System for Collecting Data & Supporting Global Health Care
Isaac Holeman, Amanda Yembrick, David Brown, Dianna Kane, Jane Katanu, Marc Abbyad, Ranju Sharma
Alphacodes: Usable, Secure Transactions with Untrusted Providers using Human Computable Puzzles
Ashlesh Sharma, Varun Chandrasekaran, Fareeha Amjad, Dennis Shasha, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
Iterative Design of an Immunization Information System in Pakistan
Samia Razaq, Amna Batool, Umair Ali, Muhammad Salman Khalid, Umar Saif, Mustafa Naseem
A First Look at Mobile Internet Use in Township Communities in South Africa
Amreesh Phokeer, David Johnson, Melissa Densmore, Nick Feamster
Mobile Device Administration for Secure and Manageable Health Data Collection in Under-Resourced Areas
D. Duggan, J. A. Muh, L. Ndongo, J. Yao, L. Yu
Claims-to-Patterns Approach to Leverage Mobile Interaction Design for Low-literacy Users
Elefelious Getachew Belay, D. Scott McCrickard, Solomon Atnafu Besufekad

Accepted Posters

Towards Cloudless Co-located Social Media on Android
Adrian Holzer, Gabriel De Tiberge, Denis Gillet
Real-time Automated Surveys among Low-literate Masses using Voice-based Telephone Services
Agha Ali Raza, Samia Razaq, Amna Raja, Rizwan Naru, Ali Gibran, Abdullah Sabri, Haroon Niaz, Muhammad Bilal Saleem, Umar Saif
Ensuring Feedback Data Privacy in the Context of Developing Countries
Tahsina Hashem, Tanzima Hashem, Anindya Iqbal
What We Breathe As We Commute: From the Perspective of a Developing Country
Tusher Chakraborty, Taslim Arefin Khan, Mahmuda Naznin, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
A Cloud-based Dynamic Waste Management System for Smart Cities
Sadia Sharmin, Sikder Tahsin Al-Amin
Gamifying Knowledge Sharing in the Humanitarian Context
Adrian Holzer, Bruno Kocher, Isabelle Vonèche Cardia, Jorge Mazuze, Samuel Bendahan, Denis Gillet
Stochastic Simulator for Smart Microgrid Planning
Jesse Thornburg, Bruce Krogh, Taha Selim Ustun
Faster Evacuation after Disaster: Finding Alternative Routes using Probable Human Behavior
Anurata Prabha Hridi, Dipto Das, Md Monowar Anjum, Tanmay Das
Towards Making An Anonymous and One-Stop Online Reporting System for Third-World Countries
Tarik Reza Toha, Md. Moyeen Uddin, MD. Nayeem Reza, Md. Abdullah Al Maruf, Amit Chakraborty, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
ClickHealth, an App to Provide Info on Healthcare to the Homeless
Erin Song, Puja Maheshwari, Daniel Lewis, Silvia Figueira
Housing4All, Helping the Housing Process in Silicon Valley
Jack Cooper, Christian Hunter, Rushil Mehra, Rishabh Meswani, Pranad Reddy, Daniel Lewis, Silvia Figueira
Compressing SMS Messages for Lowering Communication Costs in Rural Africa
Roshan Ramankutty, Silvia Figueira
Polygot: Going beyond database driven and syntax-based translation
Md. Adnanul Islam, Dr. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
Digital Library Appropriation in the context of Sub-Saharan Countries: the Case of eGranary Digital Library Implementation
Nicola Gafinowitz
Designing a Farmer Interface for Smart Irrigation in Developing Countries
Audace Byishimo, Aminata A. Garba
Crowd Powered Media Delivery: Facilitating Ubiquitous Device-to-Device File Transfers
Colin Scott
Using Co-Design to Discern and Overcome Barriers to Employment in Cape Town
Melissa Densmore, Grace Jegede
Power Attack : An Emerging Threat in Health-care Applications Using Medical Body Area Networks
Novia Nurain, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
The role of the customers in the diffusion of alternative electricity supply solution in Bangalore: A case study of SELCO bridging its rural solution to urban actors
Sentiment analysis of controversial topics on Pakistan’s Twitter user-base
Sarim Zafar, Usman Sarwar, Zafar Gilani, Junaid Qadir
MDB: A Metadata Tracking Microcontroller Micro-Database
Marsalis T. Gibson, Javier Rosa, Eric A. Brewer
Design Methods to Reduce Technology Fear and Solicit Feedback from Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Pakistan
Amna Batool, Muhammad Umair Anwar, Ayesha Asghar, Tayeba Tariq, Muhammad Mohsin Badar, Iqra Shahzad, Mustafa Naseem
Prottasha: An Attempt to Help the Women Fighting Ovarian Cancer in Rural Areas of Bangladesh
Novia Nurain, Roksana Jahan, Subarna Chowdhury Soma, Moin Mostakim
Designing the Ultimate Tech-Hub – ICT Ecosystem Acceleration
Brian Omwenga
Global Software Development Projects as a Framework for Capacity Building in Developing Countries
Christelle Scharff, Yahya H. Sheikh, Idris A. Rai
UW-Pesa: A Mobile Money User Experience Experimentation Platform
Trevor Perrier, Sarah Yu, Richard Anderson
AWZone: Ad hoc WiFi Zonification in Post-Disaster Settings
Taslim Arefin Khan, Tusher Chakraborty, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam